Do I need an appointment?

Yes. We prefer appointments. We also prefer minimal makeup, and you may bring your shoes if you have them. 

How long does it take for my dress to arrive?

The dress you fall in love with can be purchased off the floor, or we will order it for you.  We have dresses that come in as little as three weeks,  however some do take up to six months.  We recommend shopping early just in case your dress needs some alterations.  You want to have it available for alterations three months before your wedding date.

Why are bridal dress sizes different than my regular clothing?

 Most Bridal fashions are made to European sizing.  That generally runs one to two sizes larger than American sizing.  You should always try on dresses from the designer you plan to buy from…even bridal sizes differ.

Where do you get your dresses?

We have designers that we work with from all over: America, France, Italy, Ukraine, Spain.

Can I bring friends when I try on gowns?

We generally recommend no more than 3-4 family members or friends.   Large groups make it hard to make a decision- everyone has an opinion.

Can we do a dress reveal with a group of friends?

Yes. We encourage you to have your dress ready, and you can schedule a time to party if you will be with a larger group of friends! 

Do you buy used or consigned gowns?